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We provide comprehensive legal advice and services

At Nita Stratton-Funk & Associates Solicitors, we provide expert advice and legal services for a range of areas in family law. Once you have expressed your concerns, or described your needs, you will find we have the knowledge and experience to take care of your issue and resolve the matter with promptness, sensitivity and efficiency. Contact our office in Brisbane for more details.

Nita Stratton-Funk & Associates Solicitors has been Brisbane's leading specialist in family law and related legal services for almost 14 years.

We keep up to date by participating in regular seminars and workshops on legal issues in family law and on alternative methods of resolving family law disputes.

We have also established extensive links with professionals in areas relevant to family law clients including accountants, financial advisers, other lawyers in specialist areas, counsellors and other professional groups.


Over many years Nita Stratton-Funk & Associates Solicitors has built up a reputation throughout Brisbane for providing quality services in family law:

  • It has maintained a satisfied base of clients
  • It has maintained a high employment retention rate
  • It has focussed on negotiation and settlement for families

We are highly dedicated to maintaining a client focussed business approach to our services.


The firm is committed to be a leader in the field of family law services by constantly:

  • Providing clients with value for money and the best possible outcome
  • Advancing our knowledge and expertise in family law
  • Promoting and participating in the development of innovative solutions to family law issues
  • Displaying respect and professionalism towards our colleagues